ALYANS PYM 088 Dining Room Set

Product Features

For those who cannot back down from white ALYANS Dining Room, a flamboyant form that gives feel of spaciousness and excites you.  Because of its lukens legs, which is indispensable for its style and flamboyant handles, you will not want to go out and you will spend best moments of the day with it.

•Special shape form application on covers
•Satin mirror with special shape application
•Special design handles
•Easy-to-clean thanks to its high legs

Alyans Console

W: 2012 H: 1557 D: 471

Alyans Display Cabinet

W: 1206 H: 1901 D: 474

Alyans Single Display Cabinet

W: 615 H: 1896 D: 474

Alyans Life Unit

W: 2620 H: 1518 D: 470

Alyans TV Stand

W: 1390 H: 1518 D: 470

Alyans Dining Table

W: 1935 H: 760 D: 990

Alyans Center Coffee Table

W: 900 H: 424 D: 900

Alyans Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 560