ART PYM 129 Dining Room Set

Product Features

ART Dining Room, which brings aesthetics and modernity and naturalism to your home, aesthetic soul inside you to your home with its state of art leaser technology. Joyful moments are hidden in its details with its high legs and rich mirrors.

•Laser-cut pattern application on covers
•Self retardant drawer rail system
•Special design handles
•Wooden leg application on dining table and console
•Decorative mirrors

Art Console

W: 2000 H: 963 D: 468

Art Display Cabinet

W: 1000 H: 1700 D: 480

Art Life Unit

W: 2000 H: 1700 D: 480

Art Expandable Dining Table

W: 1600 H: 740 D: 870

Art Expandable Dining Table with Mechanism

W: 1600 H: 740 D: 870

Opened view of Art Dining Table

W: 2010 H: 740 D: 870

Art Center Coffee Table

W: 1100 H: 400 D: 700

Art Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 600