Ibrahim Erdemoğlu is 14th among philanthropist businessmen. The Chairman of the Board of Directors within Erdemoğlu Holding İbrahim Erdemoğlu, which possess the world's largest carpet manufacturer Merinos Halı was ranked 14th place in the list of top philanthropist businessmen of Turkey prepared by Capital Magazine.


Erdemoğlu Holding Board Chairman Ibrahim Erdemoğlu ranked 14th place due to his charitable contributions and aids made in the list of top 50 philanthropist businessmen prepared by Capital Magazine for the 5th time in Turkey. Erdemoğlu Holding, which has investments in carpet, textile, home textile, chemistry, and different fields, respects the environment and nature...

Erdemoğlu Holding, with its sustainable production and service approach, has contributed greatly to the country's economy since 1970, and is at the forefront with social assistance and social responsibility projects. In addition to the realization of goals of social responsibility projects, they made huge investments in education field, and built schools in many regions of Turkey, Erdemoğlu Holding was ranked 14th in the list of top philanthropist businessmen in 2019 with its aids of TL 38 million. Finally, they provide support in the process of the pandemic by granting TL 3 million to campaign 'We're Enough for Us Turkey”.

With the start of the pandemic process, it continued its support by distributing 30 thousand boxes of food to its employees and the public. Since its establishment, it has granted schools, condolence houses, mosques, health centers and Mehmet Erdemoğlu Faculty of Architecture and Engineering in Adıyaman Besni district and have been made available these to the public. Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu stated that they will continue to contribute to the country, the state, and the public as long as their possibilities permit. İbrahim Erdemoğlu says, 'As the Erdemoğlu family, we continue to support the development of our country by working hand in hand with our people, our employees and our state on the path drawn by our father, our Honorary President, the late Mehmet Erdemoğlu. We will continue to provide uninterrupted contributions and support in all areas that our country needs, especially in education. We are only the guardians of the wealth we have acquired according to our principles. All investments are and will be the property of this country. We consider it our duty to contribute to our people, employees, and government as much as we can. Many social responsibility projects are continuing, especially education.'



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