COUNTRY PYM 090 Dining Room Set

Product Features

Dance of simplicity and naturalism, COUNTRY Dining Room; Imagine dining room that cheers you up and sweetens your life. Country dining room that perfectness of the nature in a modern and chic way indulges you with its distinguished curved high legs and easy-to-clean feature.

•Shape form application on covers
•Special antique copper handles
•Shaped satin mirror application on console
•Decorative ornament application on upper edges of console and life unit
•Easy-to-clean thanks to its high legs

Country Console

W: 2050 H: 1568 D: 489

Country Display Cabinet

W: 1242 H: 1746 D: 475

Country Single Display Cabinet

W: 651 H: 1746 D: 475

Country Life Unit

W: 2762 H: 1480 D: 474

Country TV Stand

W: 1460 H: 1480 D: 474

Country Dining Table

W: 1940 H: 990 D: 760

Country Center Coffee Table

W: 1126 H: 431 D: 725

Country Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 600