COUNTRY PYT 090 Bedroom Set

Product Features

Chicness that make naturalness breathe in your home, COUNTRY Bedroom; just like resting in arms of mother nature. COUNTRY Bedroom brings chicness and elegance with its aesthetic curvy legs, specially designed bed-rail, and satin mirror application on wardrobe.

•Application of specially formed upholstery on bed-rail and leg-rest
•Decorative ornament application on bed-rail.
•Shaped satin mirror and ornament application on wardrobe gates
•Specially designed antique handles
•Special shaped satin mirror application on chiffonier
•Wide and useful wardrobe interior
•Built-in pants hander in wardrobe

Country Sliding Wardrobe

W: 2498 H: 2167 D: 672

Country Sliding Wardrobe; Interior view

W: 2498 H: 2167 D: 672

Country Chiffonier

W: 1042 H: 1702 D: 507

Country Bedstead

W: 2016 H: 1402 D: 2065

Country High Chiffonier

W: 646 H: 1212 D: 507

Country Bedside Stand

W: 627 H: 431 D: 507

Country Headboard