INFINITY PYM 131 Dining Room Set

Product Features

INFINITY Dining Room for those who seek spaciousness; perfect harmony that blends its form inspired from the sea and tone of blue color and that accompany you in your feasts that may enlighten and refresh you.  Every home blinks to who love order and symmetry with it.

•Special design fume handles
•Special paint wooden table leg application
•Decorative fume and clear mirror application
•Fume glass application on life unit upper module

Infinity Console

W: 2002 H: 1339 D: 464

Infinity Display Cabinet

W: 1000 H: 1550 D: 472

Infinity Life Unit Lower Module

W: 1998 H: 1750 D: 464

Infinity Life Unit Upper Module

W: 785 H: 1108 D: 270

Infinity Dining Table

W: 1800 H: 755 D: 896

Infinity Center Coffee Table

W: 1001 H: 429 D: 702

Infinity Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 600