LEONARDO PYM 112 Dining Room Set

Product Features

Meeting point of sweet chitchats LEONARDO Dining Room; feeling of bets moments, best conversations that you will remember, which combines with warmth of walnut.  You cannot take your eyes off of riveting harmony of bronze mirror.

•Bronze mirror and applique application on covers
•Expandable and fixed table alternatives
•Special push-to-open mechanism

Leonardo Console

W: 1734 H: 1237 D: 483

Leonardo Single Display Cabinet

W: 598 H: 1700 D: 483

Leonardo Life Unit

W: 2288 H: 1900 D: 483

Leonardo Expandable Dining Table

W: 1508 H: 753 D: 870

Leonardo Dining Table Extended

W: 1932 H: 753 D: 870

Leonardo Center Coffee Table

W: 1100 H: 400 D: 700

Leonardo Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 600

Leonardo Special Chair