LEONARDO PYT 112 Bedroom Set

Product Features

LEONARDO Bedroom with warmth of walnut texture; perfect synergy of delicately thought details and bronze mirror gives your room a noble look. With its special upholstery bed-rail and its sliding wardrobe, which provides wide easy to use feature it is for those who not compromise functionality.

•Upholstery application on bed-rail
•Bronze mirror and applique application on wardrobe gates
•bronze mirror and applique application on chiffonier and bedside stand lapels
•Special push-to-open mechanism in chiffonier and bedside stand
•Wide and useful wardrobe interior
•LED İllumination on wardrobe hanger bars
•Built -in pants hanger in wardrobe

Leonardo Sliding Wardrobe

W: 2454 H: 2165 D: 655

Leonardo Sliding Wardrobe; Interior view

W: 2454 H: 2165 D: 655

Lenoardo Bedstead

W: 2464 H: 1250 D: 2120

Leonardo Chiffonier

W: 980 H: 1279 D: 496

Leonardo High Chiffonier

W: 623 H: 1138 D: 487

Leonardo Bedside Stand

W: 623 H: 535 D: 487

Leonardo Headboard