MERLIN PYM 130 Dining Room Set

Product Features

MERLIN Dining Room, which brings naturalism to your home with its vivid lines and modernity. The three words that best describe it are vivid, simple, and aesthetic. With its marvellous harmony that combines beauty of white and oak color and illumination of glass integrated in its console, and its display cabinet that inspires those who love transparency and its high formed legs, it is a design beyond a shape.

•Wood profile application on table legs
•Special membrane application on console and display cabinet covers
•Decorative fluted mirror application
•Self retardant drawer rail system

Merlin Console

W: 2035 H: 1432 D: 505

Merlin Display Cabinet

W: 1037 H: 1517 D: 511

Merlin Life Unit Lower Module

W: 2042 H: 1870 D: 513

Merlin Life Unit Upper Module

W: 1831 H: 472 D: 268

Merlin Dining Table

W: 1800 H: 746 D: 896

Merlin Center Coffee Table

W: 1142 H: 409 D: 742

Merlin Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 600