MİLENA KT 203 Sofa set

Product Features

Sincerity of naturalism. Rediscover lines of decoration in your home with its breathable fabric with natural linen texture, rich color options and functional design that facilitate your life. LONDON Sofa set has functionality to be transformed into bed easily besides its modern design.

•Rich fabric and color alternatives
•Triple sofa that can be transformed into bed
•Specially handcrafted upholstery
•Easy-to-clean thanks to its high legs

Milena Triple Sofa

W:2380 H:870 D:840

Milena Triple Sofa in Chest Form

Milena triple sofa in bed form

W:2380 H:670 D:1060

Milena Double Sofa

W:1705 H:870 D:840

Milena Double Sofa in Chest Form

Milena Double sofa in bed form

W:1705 H:670 D:1060

Milena Wingback Chair

W:920 H:940 D:810