PICASSO PYM 109 Dining Room Set

Product Features

Attention grabbing, genuine, and stylish, PICASSO Dining Room; Picasso become your guest at home with its distinctive fluent lines, special leather handles, high legged form. Amber colored LED illumination in its console accompanies you in your romantic moments.

•Painted groove application on covers
•Expandable and fixed table alternatives
•Dining table is wood painted with angular massive wood leg
•LED illumination application behind console mirror
•Special design handles
•Easy-to-clean thanks to its high legs

Picasso Console

W: 2036 H: 1391 D: 476

Picasso Display Cabinet

W: 1036 H: 1750 D: 460

Picasso Single Display Cabinet

W: 584 H: 1750 D: 460

Picasso Life Unit

W: 1412 H: 1500 D: 478

Picasso Dining Table

W: 1588 H: 733 D: 870

Picasso Dining Table with Mechanism

W: 1588 H: 733 D: 870

Picasso Expandable Dining Table

W: 2012 H: 733 D: 870

Picasso Center Coffee Table

W: 1098 H: 400 D: 712

Picasso Chair

W: 480 H: 875 D: 600

Picasso Standart Chair

G: 480 Y: 875 D: 600