PICASSO PYT 109 Bedroom Set

Product Features

Mesmerizing effect where lines combines with design, PICASSO Bedroom, LED illumination embedded in its bedstead softens darkness of nights.
Design, which gain strength with high legs provides joyful moments with flowing lines.

•LED illumination and decorative appliques application on bed-rail
•Upholstery application on bed-rail
•Painted groove application on doors and lapels
•Built-in pants hanger in wardrobe
•Decorative applique application in wardrobe gate
•Wide and useful wardrobe interior
•LED illumination on hanger bars
•LED illumination behind chiffonier mirror

Picasso Sliding Wardrobe

W: 2450 H: 2165 D: 657

Picasso Sliding Wardrobe; Interior view

W: 2450 H: 2165 D: 657

Picasso bedstead

W: 2076 H: 1178 D: 2100

Picasso Headboard

Picasso Chiffonier

W: 1042 H: 1416 D: 476

Picasso High Chiffonier

W: 610 H: 1084 D: 476

Picasso Bedside Stand

W: 634 H: 420 D: 494