RÖNESANS PYT 124 Yatak Odası - Bedroom Set

Product Features

Luxury stance of Classic, RÖNESANS Bedroom; It brings inspiration to your bedroom with its special upholstery bed-rail and its mirrors designed with curvy lines and whose classic lines were formed with artistic touches.

•Decorative form leg application
•Special design handles
•Upholstery and buttons application on bed-rail
•Specially formed satin mirror application on wardrobe and chiffonier
•Self retardant drawer rail system
•Wide and useful wardrobe interior

Rönesans Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

W: 2486 H: 2300 D: 654

Ronesans Sliding Wardrobe; Interior view

W: 2486 H: 2300 D: 654

Ronesans Bedstead

W: 2080 H: 1305 D: 2201

Ronesans Chiffonier

W: 1044 H: 1423 D: 519

Ronesans High Chiffonier

W:668 H: 1135 D: 519

Ronesans Bedside Stand

W: 620 H: 404 D: 519

Rönesans Headboard