STYLE PYT 132 Bedroom Set

Product Features

STYLE BEDROOM, a romantic fairy-tale, elegant touches on surface made by state of art laser technology takes you to a fabulous journey where you can indulge yourself. Excellent harmony of velvet touch of sea green fabric used in bed-rail brings your energy to the utmost level.

•Laser application on gates and drawers
•LED illumination application on hanger bars in wardrobe
•Upholstery and button application on bed-rail
•Easy to clean with its high legs
•Special design porcelain handles
•Satin mirror application in special form

Style 6-Gated Wardrobe

W:2596  H: 2212 D: 617

Style 6-Gated Wardrobe, interior view

W:2596  H: 2212 D: 617

Style bedstead

W: 1980 H: 1410 D: 2115

Style Chiffonier

W: 1210 H: 1517 D: 481

Style Bedside stand

W: 521 H: 582 D: 481

Style Headboard