VİVA KT 201 Living Room

Product Features

The most dapper interpretation of aesthetics. Viva Sofa Set, which enriches its soft texture with visual details takes hold of living spaces by combining rich velvet, soft leather look vintage and nubuck color and fabric application alternatives with upholstery and stitching details. You will append your signature to your spaces with its cushion options which have different patterns and out of step design.

•High Comfort Sponge
•Specially handcrafted upholstery
•Velvet, nubuck, vintage and leather look fabric alternatives

VIVA Triple Sofa

W: 2270 H: 860 D: 960

VIVA Triple Sofa in Chest Form

VIVA triple sofa in bed form

W: 2270 H: 680 D: 1200

VIVA Double Sofa

W: 1670 H: 860 D: 960

VIVA Double Sofa in Chest Form

VIVA Double sofa in bed form

W: 1670 H: 680 D: 1200

Viva Wingback Chair

W: 830 H: 960 D: 920