WESTERN PYT 111 Bedroom Set

Product Features

Starting point of beautiful mornings WESTERN Bedroom; while chicness given by upholstery on bed-rail wraps around your area of life, Western Bedroom winks to those who love live in details with its wardrobe that provides wide easy-to-use feature and with its porcelain handles.

•Upholstery and button application on bed-rail
•Special design porcelain handles
•Satin mirror application in wardrobe
•Wide and useful wardrobe interior

WESTERN 5-gated Wardrobe

W: 2273 H: 2161 D: 651

WESTERN 5-Gated Wardrobe; Interior view

W: 2273 H: 2161 D: 651

Western Bedstead

W: 1720 H: 1340 D: 2076

Western Chiffonier

W: 814 H: 1533 D: 475

WESTERN High Chiffonier

W: 550 H: 1081 D: 460

WESTERN Bedside stand

W: 490 H: 487 D: 410

Western Headboard