A success story woven from knot to knot…

Merinos started its production activities in 1970 by Mehmet Erdemoğlu and his family with only two kilim weaving looms. .

Merinos, which grows exponentially every day, has started to produce its own yarn in 1992 and has increased this speed several times.

Merinos is proud of being the world leader in today's carpet sector and also produces home textiles and yarns in its integrated facilities, each equipped with all the modern technology in its field.

Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises located within, the export champion in long carpet Merino years is exporting to the 5 continents in 78 countries of the world.

Turquality, the international branding program, is the first brand in the carpet sector.

It is the first company that organizes sales in domestic and foreign markets in a balanced manner, serves every income group with a wide customer base, closely follows the technological developments of their sectors and applies them first.

Merinos is a global brand that has an international quality standard and image and contributes to the national economy with its structure that prioritizes social-scale organization activities that may be beneficial to society.