Personal Data Protection Policy

Merinos Halı San. and Tic. AS gives great importance and priority to the protection of personal data. With this Personal Data Protection Policy; the process of protecting the personal data of company employees, subcontractor employees, job applicants, trainees, visitors, suppliers, third parties and customers will be managed.

Merinos Halı San. and Tic. AS's main purpose in implementing this Policy is the administrative and technical measures taken within the scope of the personal data processing and data protection activities carried out in accordance with the law, and the automatic to ensure the security of personal data which is processed by non-automated means, which is part of any data recording system.

In the context of this policy, Merinos Halı San. and Tic. The following are the basic principles adopted by ASI:

• Processing of personal data in accordance with the rules of law and integrity,

• Keeping personal data accurate and when necessary,

• Processing personal data for specific, clear and legitimate purposes,

• Linked, limited and measured processing of personal data,

• Keeping personal data for the period stipulated in the applicable legislation or for the purpose for which they were processed,

• Lighting and informing personal data owners,

• Establishing the system necessary for personal data owners to exercise their rights,

• Taking necessary measures to protect personal data,

• Acting in accordance with the relevant legislation and the regulations of the KVK Board when transferring personal data to third parties in accordance with the requirements of the processing purpose,

• Demonstrate sensitivity to the processing and protection of private personal data.

The relevant legal regulations in force regarding the processing and protection of personal data are primarily applied. In case of discrepancy between applicable legislation and the Policy, Merinos Halı San. and Tic. AS accepts that the applicable legislation will find an application area.