Human Resources


Human Resources

Our human resources  policy is to provide the most  competent personnel to the positions in each level of the company and to determine the methods to be implemented in the development of such competences of the personnel in order to ensure that the Company operations are carried out in line with the predetermined target and  in an economical and most efficient manner.

Merinos Human Resources General Policy

  • To ensure that the personnel member with the qualification tallying with the properties of the respective business is chosen and assigned to his/her task;
  • To provide the means for the personnel to be improved and trained in line with their capabilities;
  • To encourage the personnel for success, provide the amenities for increasing their knowledge and good manners, and reward the successful  employees;
  • To train and place staff to the managerial positions in-house;
  • To provide working means that are safe and suitable for the nature of the task being carried out;
  • To respect the personalities and protect the rights of and superintend the staff members;
  • To announce the issues that concern the personnel immediately, allow them to  inform the upper-level executives about their suggestions, and increase the working efficiency.
  • To ensure the establishment of social relations and working environment that increase the willingness of the personnel for working;
  • To keep track of the personnel’s level of motivation and  satisfaction and their loyalty to the company and carry out the revisions  and improvements required for it.


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