Great comeback in carpet industry 12-Jun-2020

Dinarsu and Merinos, affiliated with Erdemoğlu Holding , one of the world's leading carpet producers, received record purchase orders from abroad in the last two weeks. Upon this development, the company started to operate all its factories at full capacity.

Mehmet Erdemoğlu, member of the board of directors of the Dinarsu and Merinos companies within Erdemoğlu Holding, which is the owner of SASA, which has increased its sales especially in the health sector during the pandemic process says 'Our companies have received record-high purchase orders from abroad, especially from America and Europe. For this reason, all yarn production facilities and subsidiary businesses in our factories have reached 100% capacity.


Stating that they did not postpone any investment decisions as a group, they took new steps, Erdemoğlu continued as follows:

'Polyester waste recycling facility was crowned with the Investment Incentive Certificate approved recently. With this facility, which will be commissioned in a short time, we will convert the environmentally harmful wastes into yarn first in the recycling facility and then into carpets to sell abroad. '
Turkey’s and the world's largest manufacturer of machine-made carpets Erdemoğlu Holding, will increase its share of 5 percent of the world production of machine-made carpets to 7 percent with new investments in production facilities in Russia and Turkey at the end of 2021.
Despite the pandemic that has affected the whole world, Anticipating to close 2020 with 20 percent growth in the carpet group, Merinos and Dinarsu export more than 85% of their carpet production.

Merinos and Dinarsu meet 22% of the total carpet exports to Europe. It realizes 16% of total exports to America and 8% of carpet sales to Asia and the Middle East by itself. Moreover, 1 out of 4 carpets sold in Germany are produced by Merinos.

Breakthrough in SASA

In the last covid-19 crisis, SASA, which started to sell nearly 70 percent of the 700 thousand tons of polyester produced annually to the health, hygiene and medical packaging sector in Adana, will increase its capacity to 1.4 million tons with the last 2 and 3 phases to be opened in a short time. . Adana-based SASA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of polyester, fiber, filament, polyester-based polymers, intermediate products and specialty products. The company, which previously clarified the state incentives process, also received the EIA report. When the land allocation process is completed, it is planned to establish a giant petrochemical facility with world companies in the Yumurtalık region.

Erdemoğlu Holdiing have not dismiss any of its employees in the framework of commitments during the crisis and contributed TL 3 million to “We are enough for us Turkey” campaign.


Hurriyet Newspaper

June 12, 2020


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