Merinos of Gaziantep negotiates with Wal-Mart 02-Jun-2014

Erdemoğlu Holding, Ikea's largest carpet supplier, continues to grow in exports. The company is now negotiating with Wal-Mart, a giant US store chain.


Erdemoğlu Holding, which pursues its activities in the carpet, furniture, home textile, yarn, construction, energy and logistics sectors, aims to be the world leader in carpet and rug production with its flagship Gaziantep-based Merinos brand.

The new target of the company, which is currently the biggest carpet supplier of Ikea, is Wal-Mart, America's largest retail chain.

Stating that Erdemoğlu Holding has today become the biggest piece of carpet manufacturer in the world. Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu, says that they are they are the largest exporter of carpets of Turkey, and they carried out 250 million dollars of exports last year.

$ 300 million in exports

Erdemoğlu emphasized that they export to 72 countries says “1.5 pounds per 1,000 pounds of Turkey's exports is made by us. We will increase this to 1.75 this year and to 2 liras within 2 years. "We expect an export income of 280-300 million dollars this year."
Underlining that they work with store chains in Europe and the USA, Erdemoğlu said, “We are the biggest carpet supplier of Ikea. We also start exporting with them in furniture. Our negotiations with Wal-Mart continue. "We are also in cooperation with almost all big stores in Europe.

Continue to support education at full speed

The foundation of the Adıyaman University, Faculty of Architecture of Besni Mehmet Erdemoğlu, which Erdemoğlu Holding will implement with an investment of 15 million lira, was laid. Stating that they have invested approximately 45 million liras in education so far, İbrahim Erdemoğlu stated that the faculty will be opened in 9 months and added, “In the next academic year, we will also grant Gaziantep Girls' Vocational High School with a capacity of 900 students”.





A factory in Besni

The company, which is preparing to open a new factory in Besni, Adıyaman, will produce yarn for the carpet production facility in Gaziantep at the factory to be implemented with an investment of 62 million TL. In the factory, which is expected to produce approximately 1200 tons of yarn per month, 300 to 500 people will be employed. Production at the factory is planned to start in the coming months.

Plans to invest $ 150 million

Stating that that they plan to invest $ 150 million to Turkey as a group this year, Ibrahim Erdemoğlu, says they worked with Franchising, and added:

“We have more than 6 thousand dealers. There is no province or district in Turkey without a Merinos dealer. Gaziantep has approached 2 billion dollars only in carpet exports. If you add the yarn to it, Gaziantep exports 3 billion dollars . Since Antep is the world leader in carpet, and 35% of the area carpet produced in the world is produced by Gaziantep, Merinos is also the world leader. "




June 2, 2014

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