ALYANS PYT 088 Bedroom Set

Product Features

Like a dream, ALYANS bedroom; with its mesmerizing effect whose flashiness coming from its simplicity, imagine a living space that make you forget tiredness of the day. Ambient of your bedroom is changed by its bedstead where classic lines come to life with modern forms and its lukens legs that re indispensable item of this style and its wide satin mirror that will lighten your room.

•Decorative ornament application on leg-rest of bedstead and wardrobe
•Satin mirror application on wardrobe gates
•Self retardant drawer rail system
•Wise and useful wardrobe interior
•Built-in pants hanger in wardrobe
•Easy to clean thanks to its long legs

Alyans Sliding Wardrobe

W: 2486 H: 2300 D: 654

Alyans Wardrobe with Sliding Doors inside

W: 2486 H: 2300 D: 654

Alyans Bedstead

W: 2020 H: 1468 D: 2046

Alyans Chiffonier

W: 1004 H: 1595 D: 471

Alyans High Chiffonier

W: 608 H: 1197 D: 467

Alyans Bedside stand

W: 608 H: 437 D: 467

Alyans Headboard