Merinos Halı, operating under Erdemoğlu Holding, plans to invest $ 100 million in 2021. Merinos Halı Board Member Mehmet Erdemoğlu said that these will be recycling facilities, yarn production facilities, new weaving machines, new finishing garments, as well as additional facilities and warehouse investments.


Continuing to invest day by day, Merinos Halı plans an investment of 100 million dollars for 2021. Expressing that they will put into operation many new investments in 2021, Merinos Halı Board Member Mehmet Erdemoğlu said, "As Merinos, with a total investment of approximately 100 million dollars in 2021, recycling facilities, yarn production facilities investment, new weaving machines investment, new finishing garment investments.”We will have additional facility and warehouse investments." Edemoğlu emphasizing that they are the biggest carpet manufacturer for productions realized in facilities in Turkey and Russia, says "we aim to increase our share of the world market which is 5 percent to 7 percent within two years,".


85 percent of production is exported

Stating that they export 85 percent of their production abroad, Erdemoğlu says, "by exports, we are selling to developed countries and the world's largest retail chains." Stating that they have exported to 90 countries, including the USA, Germany, and England, Erdemoğlu says, "There is an improvement in the domestic market as of May with the reduction of restrictions, and we think that this improvement will gain momentum in the coming period."


"We caught the momentum before the epidemic in June"

Erdemoğlu noted that domestic market volume of Turkey for machine-made carpet is approximately $ 750 million and exports occurred in 2.1 billion dollars in 2019, and said “due to outbreak conditions in 2020, the industry affected badly in March, April, and May due to experienced restrictions, however the industry started to recover its losses from June rapidly. As Merinos, the momentum was caught before the epidemic in the beginning of June and all businesses reached 100 percent capacity, "he said. Stating that they aim to close the year 2020 with an increase of 30 percent in sales revenues despite all the disruptions caused by the epidemic, Erdemoğlu said, "In case the negativities related to the epidemic do not increase, we aim to increase more than our growth rate in 2020 with our new investments to be activated in 2021."



Stating that the domestic and foreign sales of their industry were affected negatively for a short time with the effect of the pandemic, Erdemoğlu said, "The restrictions imposed on the domestic market due to the pandemic, curfews, the decline in households' purchasing power, the increase in foreign currency and the price increases can be delayed, causing the sales of the products needed to slow down. ". Stating that this situation caused some of the capacity allocated for the domestic market to shift to exports, Erdemoğlu continued as follows: "On the export side, purchase orders that were postponed in March, April and May, when the severity of the epidemic increased and restrictions were imposed, fell on our business agenda in early June. Purchase orders that should arrive in an average of 3 months reached us within 3 weeks and caused a serious workload and since then we have been trying to deliver the orders of our customers with all our strength. "


October 16, 2020

Dünya Newspaper


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