Merinos Servi Erdemoğlu Mosque was opened with prayers 13-Dec-2019

The mosque with capacity of 4,500-person, condolence house, lodging, and Quran course at the İbrahimli district Gölgelik crossroad, granted by Erdemoğlu family were opened with prayers and recitation of the Qur'an.

In the opening of Mosque Gaziantep Governor David Gül, Mayor Fatma Sahin, the AK Party Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Erdogan, President Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman Ibrahim Erdemoğlu Merinos Carpet Chairman Ali Erdemoğlu, Quick Insurance Board President Mahmut Erdemoğlu, Servi Erdemoğlu, district mayors Erdemoğlu family and large citizen community attended. It was stated that the ceiling decorations and decorations inside the Servi Erdemoğlu Mosque, which was built with inspiration from Ottoman architecture, were made by a special team, and all the decorations were gold leaf.

Servi Erdemoğlu Mosque, the condolence house, and Quran course built by the Erdemoğlu family on an area of eight thousand square meters at the İbrahimli Gölgelik crossroad in Gaziantep Şehitkamil district, was opened with the Qur'an recitation, and then prayers were made.

A short film show was made about the schools, condolence houses, dormitories and other charity works by the Erdemoğlu family. Later, Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu, who made a speech on behalf of Erdemoğlu Family, stated that their father, the deceased Mehmet Erdemoğlu, was doing charity work in line with the principles and as much as they could, saying, "Our father, the deceased Mehmet Erdemoğlu, gave us many advices. The most important of these is the saying, "There is no limit to wealth, it has rewards." We see our reward for doing this kind of charity work as we move forward on our father's path. This mosque was built at the request of our mother. We tried to build a work worthy of our city without avoiding any sacrifice in the construction of a mosque, condolence house and Quran course. The ceiling ornamentation and embellishments were made by people who specialize in the processing of gold in Turkey. We thought of this work as a work that our citizens living in our city as well as all local and foreign tourists coming to Gaziantep can visit and worship and we made it accordingly. Claiming our country, state, nation and flag is our father's order to us. We continue on this path. From now on, we will continue to do this kind of charity work as much as our possibilities allow. I thank all our guests who came, "he said.

In his speech, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül thanked the Erdemoğlu family for granting such a work in Gaziantep and gave information about the new technical high school to be built by Erdemoğlu. It is stated that the mosque, which has traces of Ottoman Architecture and has a different interior decoration with ceiling and wall decorations, has open and closed areas where 4,500 people will pray at the same time. It was stated that the mosque, where gold leaf was used especially in ceiling decorations and felt in every part of the Ottoman architectural style, was designed to provide all services with condolence and Quran course buildings.


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