Signal of addition to huge investment 18-Jul-2017

İbrahim Erdemoğlu , who invited the President to the opening of the $ 3.7 billion worthy facility, said that new investments are in order. Aiming to reach the import of 1.5 billion dollars, the businessman said, "If the conditions allow, we are ready for investments as big as this."

At the iftar President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave to the owners of media groups, editor-in-chief and writers, he said, "Today, a citizen came to meet me. He bought a factory. He's getting ready to invest $ 3.5 billion. He asked to me, "Will you inaugurate our new factory?"  Of course, this question make me walk on the air ... "The owner of the investment Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Erdemoğlu told the details of the investment to SABAH. Stating that they want to finish the import of 1.5 billion dollars, Erdemoğlu stated that the investment amount was 3.7 billion dollars and that negotiations were made regarding the machinery for the facility to be established in Adana-Dörtyol. Pointing out the new investments, Erdemoğlu said, "If conditions are met, we can build new facilities in the upcoming period."


Ibrahim Erdemoğlu states that the $ 3.7 billion investment would provide 3 thousand additional employment, also it will facilitate investment in the new factory for the raw materials they produce in Turkey. Stating that PTA and MEG, which are the raw materials of all carpet and plastic-related products, will be produced in the polyester factory, Erdemoğlu said, "We consider every production globally, we are now the world leader in machine-made carpet. Our goal is to make Turkey leader in polyester in Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Russia. With this investment, polyester imports of 1.5 billion dollars per year will also be realized, "he said.

Stating that 5% of the carpets sold in the world today are produced by themselves and the monetary equivalent of this is 500 million dollars annually, Erdemoğlu said, "We will meet the raw material needs of other facilities as well as our own facilities. We have our employees in all carpet factories in Gaziantep. Our city produces 40 percent of the machine-made carpets that the world needs. $ 2 billion in export carpets made in Turkey, "he said.



Erdemoğlu, who made his employees homeowner, said the following on this issue:
“Until 1983 we were living in a rental house In 1983, we moved to our own house as a family. I got married in 1990. I bought a 130 square meter house. In the 2000s, a site of 43 villas was being built in Gaziantep. The house I live in is 130 square meters, the living room of the 650 square meter villa is as much as my house. Seeing these, "How are you going to live here, what have you done to live here?"  I asked myself. My answer to this is, "Thanks to all our fellow employees, I can buy this house for their labor. I do not have the miracle”. While they were living in the slums, thinking that it is not right for me to live here, I immediately called my manager and gave an instruction saying, "Let's get a land from the municipality for a price." We found a place of 40 acres. We bought here. First, we started with 250 residences. We started to give houses to our workers, starting with the most seniors. Currently, we have delivered our 812 residences to employees. We deliver the last stage in 2014. The current value of these 132 square meters houses is around 200 thousand TL. The first stage paid 18 thousand, the second ones 30 thousand, and the last stage people paid 70 thousand liras and became owners of the houses. Our total spending amounted to 107 million lira.



Erdemoğlu explained his dialog with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the following words: "We went to our President with TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi. We had prepared an article about investment for him. They took it. He asked where we did it, we said it was in Adana. We invited him to the opening. He honored us by saying, 'What rains from the sky does not accept the soil'. " Stating that they will prevent the current account deficit of 1.5 billion dollars with this investment, Erdemoğlu said, "We will not be satisfied with the production of these materials. We have an annual import of more than 1 million tons in many oil-derived commodities. We are foreign-dependent, if they do not provide such raw material all the factories in Turkey will shut-down. That is why we wanted to make this investment. We are a global company in carpet, we want to do the same in polyester field, "he said.



Erdemoğlu, who started carpet production in 1983 with 2 looms, succeeded in becoming one of the world-class manufacturers with the machines he bought from Belgium. Erdemoğlu said that the foundation of the holding, which is the world leader in machine-made carpet today, was laid when their father, the late Mehmet Erdemoğlu, made sales from village to village in the 1950s, and gave a message of growth with new investments.


Ibrahim Erdemoğlu in clarifying the issue of incentives for the land of 2.9 million square meters belongs to Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) said: "We have no problem with incentives. We are waiting for TPAO's decision regarding its 2.9 million square meter land. The land will either be sold, allocated or leased. Our preference is to buy. This is what is called incentives.



Sabah Newspaper

July 18, 2017

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