The Wise Man of Besni's children are at the top of the Forbes league 06-Apr-2023

The Wise Man of Besni's children are at the top of the Forbes league
Two bosses of Gaziantep-based Erdemoğlu Holding made their mark on Forbes' rich league list this year. With a surprise, İbrahim Erdemoğlu took the 1st place and Ali Erdemoğlu took the 3rd place on the list that included 26 people from Turkey. The world-famous economics publication Forbes has published the list of the world’s richest. While Bernard Arnault, President of luxury consumer goods giant LVMH, ranked first on Forbes' list, two bosses of Gaziantep-based Erdemoğlu Holding made their mark when it comes to Turkey. This year, on the 'billionaire list' that included 26 people from Turkey, İbrahim Erdemoğlu ranked 1st and Ali Erdemoğlu ranked 3rd in the in Turkey ranking of the list. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erdemoğlu Holding that also includes SASA, which had a wealth of 1,8 billion dollars in 2022, became the world's 497th and Turkey's first richest person with 5,3 billion dollars this year. Murat Ülker, who was the banner-bearer of the list in previous years, became the 534th richest person in the world and second in Turkey with a wealth of 5 billion dollars this year. Third on the list is also from the Erdemoğlu family. Ali Erdemoğlu, another executive of SASA, ranked 580th in the world with his wealth of 4,7 billion dollars. 6,7 BILLION DOLLARS INCREASE

While the total wealth of the Erdemoğlu brothers was 10 billion dollars, they stood out as the richest names in the world in the "carpet industry" category on the basis of the sectors, with which they took place on the list. İbrahim Erdemoğlu was 8th on the list with 1,8 billion dollars last year, while Ali Erdemoğlu’s place was 12th with $1,5 billion dollars. The wealth of the two brothers increased by $6,7 billion in one year. The total wealth of the 26 Turkish billionaires on the list was 57,8 billion dollars. Owned by Erdemoğlu Holding, SASA attracted attention with its rise in the stock market last year.


The philanthropic Erdemoğlu Family who mobilized after the earthquake is known for its philanthropy. The family has built dozens of mosques, schools, and dormitories so far. İbrahim Erdemoğlu had last said that if they were given a location in Besni, they would build 1000 houses, which would be distributed free of charge. Erdemoğlu Holding has provided 130 thousand blankets, 100 thousand square meters of carpet, and 100 million TL in cash to AFAD to be distributed to earthquake victims.

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