Merinos is in the First place in Energy Efficiency 21-Feb-2014

Merinos, the world's largest carpet manufacturer, was deemed worthy of the first prize at the 'Energy Efficiency in Industry' awards given for the first time at the Gaziantep Energy Summit.
Merinos Halı was deemed worthy of the first prize in the category of large-scale companies with its project 'to increase the efficiency of compressors and electric motors used in our factories' at the 'Energy Efficiency in Industry Awards', given for the first time this year by Gaziantep Sustainability Academy and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. 2. Chairman of the Board of Merinos, İbrahim Erdemoğlu was given the award given as a result of the evaluation of criteria such as environmental policies, energy management practices and domestic contribution in investment within the scope of the National Energy Summit, on behalf of Merinos Halı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. by Minister of Science and Industry Fikri Işık. The project of Merinos Halı, which aims to reduce operating costs by increasing energy efficiency, was shown as an example in the field of energy saving.

Ali Erdemoğlu stated that Merinos, which was established in Gaziantep and has become the world's largest manufacturer of area carpets, plays a pioneering role in the region with its energy efficiency practices, and said, “Today we are reaching 70 countries in 5 continents with our Merinos brands. We produce area carpets all over the world, and while doing this, we take care to adopt practices that will create added value for both our people and our country. As the world's largest area carpet manufacturer, we aim to set an example with our business processes, ”he said.
Stating that they have adopted world-class practices in energy saving and developed projects in this direction, Erdemoğlu said, "We have aimed to grow together with these lands where we were born and grew up since the day we were founded, we will continue our work by protecting nature and leaving a better world to future generations," he said.
Ali Erdemoğlu, who also gave information about Merinos' project 'Increasing the efficiency of compressors and electric motors used in our factories', which was awarded at the' Industrial Energy Efficiency Awards', which was given for the first time this year, stated that with this project, the benefits of energy saving not only to the environment but also to the business. Stating that increasing energy efficiency is effective in minimizing operating costs, Erdemoğlu added that they spent approximately 115 thousand TL from their own resources for the project and that they were amortizing this expenditure in a short period of 4-6 months.
Within the scope of the project that caused Merinos Halı won the first prize, savings are achieved by controlling the speed of geared motors, fan motors and compressor motors with an inverter.
At the ceremony, Merinos Halı Board Chairman Ali Erdemoğlu received his plaque from Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.



February 21, 2014

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